The NHS Technology Adoption Center (NTAC) conducted an audit in over 1300 patients, undergoing a range of surgical procedures in three NHS hospitals. Following the comprehensive evidence from the RCTs, NTAC wanted to determine whether clinicians could be trained to use EDM+ in ‘real world’ hospital settings and gain the same benefits observed in the tightly controlled clinical studies.

The NTAC results clearly showed that Doppler-guided fluid management was able to:

  • Reduce post-operative stay by 3.5 days
  • Reduce Level 3 ICU stay by 5 days
  • Reduce central venous catheter use by 23%
  • Reduce readmission rates by 29%
  • Reduce reoperations by 30%.

Following these findings, EDM+ has since been adopted as a standard of care in these hospitals.

See the ‘How to why to’ Guide for more information.

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