The NHS Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC) conducted an audit in over 1300 patients, undergoing a range of surgical procedures in three NHS hospitals. Following the comprehensive evidence from the RCTs, NTAC wanted to determine whether clinicians could be trained to use ODM in ‘real world’ hospital settings and gain the same benefits observed in the tightly controlled clinical studies.

The NTAC results clearly showed that Doppler-guided fluid management was able to:

  • Reduce post-operative stay by 3.5 days
  • Reduce Level 3 ICU stay by 5 days
  • Reduce central venous catheter use by 23%
  • Reduce readmission rates by 29%
  • Reduce reoperations by 30%.

Following these findings, EDM has since been adopted as a standard of care in these hospitals.

See the ‘How to why to’ Guide for more information.