On April 1, 2013, CMS announced a unique code for professional services associated with the use of esophageal Doppler monitoring. The code (G9157 Transesophageal Doppler used for cardiac monitoring) is used to bill for professional services for using EDM.

CMS provided billing instructions to guide submission of claims.

(Previously CMS instructed physicians to bill professional services using 76999, the unlisted code for ultrasound diagnostic procedures).

We recommend contacting your payers for appropriate billing instruction and documentation requirements.

Disclaimer: This information is provided by Deltex Medical as a guide for coding procedures and services involving Esophageal Doppler Monitoring. It is not intended to increase or maximize reimbursement by any payer. This information is intended to assist providers in accurately obtaining coverage and reimbursement for their health care services. Deltex makes no express or implied warranty or guarantee (i) that the list of codes and narratives is complete or error-free, (ii) that the use of this information will prevent differences of opinions or disputes with payers, (iii) that these codes will be covered, or (iv) that the provider will be guaranteed reimbursement. Providers assume full responsibility for all reimbursement decisions or actions. We strongly suggest you consult your payer organizations with regard to coverage and reimbursement policies.

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