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TrueVue™ Loops

In collaboration with Lariboisiere Hospital Paris, Deltex Medical has developed a highly innovative method of simultaneously displaying aortic blood flow velocity and aortic blood pressure throughout every heartbeat.

TrueVue™ Loops plots aortic blood flow velocity (using esophageal Doppler ultrasound monitoring) against aortic blood pressure from a standard arterial pressure transducer. It does this in real time, 180 times per second, to create a Velocity-Pressure Loop. The resulting graphical representation provides the clinician with:

  • The complete hemodynamic picture in real-time
  • Unique biomarkers for early detection of hypo- and hyper-volemia and hypo- and hyper-tension
  • Immediate reliable feedback on response to fluids, inotropes and vaso-active drugs.

Interpreting the TrueVue Loops display

Examples of what graphical output the TrueVue Loops will deliver, and what it means.

Loop A: Hypotensive patient: low pressure, low resistance and consequent high flow velocity. At risk of AKI and/or heart failure.

Loop B: Normal state: good flow, good pressure, good resistance. Low risk of hemodynamic compromise.

Loop C: Hypertensive patient: high pressure, high resistance, reduced flow. At risk of stroke and/or heart failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does TrueVue Loops come as standard if I order a new system?

A: TrueVue Loops is on every monitor that goes out and is activated using a license code.

Q: Can it be retrofitted to existing units?

A: Yes, on EDM+ Units only following a software update and license activation. (Only EDM+ as TrueVue Loops requires live pressure input).

Q: Does it require any additional hardware/different set up?

A: EDM+ with a specific Deltex cable enabling connection to existing patient monitor and slaving of live pressure signal. 

Q: Can it be used with all existing probes?

A: Yes any adult Deltex probe DPn/I2n (not currently advocated for pediatric cases).

TrueVue System Brochure

TrueVue Loops Brochure


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