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Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis (PPWA)

Introducing TrueVue™ PressureWave™

TrueVue™ PressureWave™ utilizes the most stable and extensively researched Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis (PPWA) algorithm, as proposed by Liljestrand and Zander. Peer-reviewed clinical investigations support it as a quantitative estimator of Cardiac Output. The PPWA mode is useful during periods of instability or for periods when the EDM mode is unavailable. The highly sensitive “Flow Monitoring Mode” guides intervention, combined with the simpler “Pressure Monitoring Mode” for extended continuous monitoring.

Deltex Medical’s TrueVue platform uniquely enables the user to switch between Pressure and Flow Mode, so the PressureWave signal for continuous monitoring can be simply calibrated against the gold standard EDM waveform.

The resulting, accurately calibrated PPWA mode is beneficial in postoperative and medical patients in critical care who may not tolerate an indwelling EDM+ probe. The PPWA algorithm can be recalibrated at any time from the Doppler waveform in sedated patients.

TrueVue System Brochure

TrueVue PressureWave Brochure

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