Fluid Optimization

All patients undergoing surgery are at risk from serious and potentially life-threatening complications caused by a reduction in circulating blood volume. This condition, known as Hypovolemia, results from the combined effects of preoperative fasting, the anesthetic agent and the blood lost during the surgical procedure. In many respects hypovolemia can be thought of as akin to severe dehydration.

The complications that hypovolemia causes arise because the reduced circulating blood volume is unable to carry sufficient oxygen to the major organs and tissues. All of these systems are at risk of failure as a consequence of the resultant oxygen deprivation.

EDM monitors the flow of blood leaving the heart with every beat as it happens and consequently can detect any reduction in circulating blood volume early and in real-time. This allows the anesthetist to intervene quickly and safely to correct the situation, using a combination of specialized fluids and drugs, before the hypovolemia becomes serious and potentially life threatening.

The technique of optimizing a patient’s hemodynamic status in this way, by giving the right amount of the right fluid at the right time, is known as Fluid Management.

Using the EDM+ to monitor and manage a patient’s circulating blood volume during surgery helps them to recover more fully and more quickly. Using the EDM+ means that fewer patients need to go to intensive care and those that do tend to stay there for shorter periods. Because patient journeys through the hospital are more predictable and because fewer patients unexpectedly need intensive care support, the EDM+ can play an important part in improving the efficiency and productivity of any healthcare system.

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