Deltex Medical’s monitoring products, including Esophageal Doppler monitoring (EDM), deliver the gold standard for minimally invasive hemodynamic management. EDM uses ultrasound to precisely measure the rate of blood flow in the descending aorta. The data enables the clinician to make the right interventions for the patient, keeping them in the hemodynamic sweet spot. EDM is the only technology that provides a real-time response from central circulation. Furthermore it is clinically proven to reduce complications and improve patient outcomes.

Deltex’s Hemodynamic Monitoring Products help you identify the problem before it becomes a crisis

The technology has established an incomparable evidence base. Government entities, health payers and technology assessment bodies have made their own recommendations. These include the Agency for Healthcare & Quality (AHRQ) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Studies specific to EDM have proven patients suffer fewer and less severe complications after surgery and recover more quickly and more fully.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a National Coverage Decision for EDM that resulted in reimbursement for physicians using EDM. This is based on the compelling and robust evidence base of clinical and economic benefits of EDM specifically

Deltex Medical’s CardioQ-EDM™ and CardioQ-EDM+ ™ esophageal Doppler monitors (EDM) change the way hospital clinicians can care for surgical and critical care patients. When used to guide Fluid Management during surgery the products reduce complications, shorten length of stay and cut hospital costs.

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