About Us

About Us

Deltex Medical is a British manufacturer of Fluid Management devices, which include the EDM and EDM+. Both manufacturing and Head Office are based in Chichester, West Sussex, England with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada and Spain.

Our goal is to make esophageal Doppler monitoring (EDM) a standard of care for patients. We believe that, in most modern health systems, it is essential to have a robust evidence base of both clinical benefit and cost effectiveness in order to achieve system-wide adoption of a new medical technology. Deltex Medical is one of the very first medical technology companies to have completed the investment necessary to build such an evidence base. As a result, use of EDM during surgery has the proven potential to deliver both clinical and economic benefits that are material at patient, hospital and system level.

The Company is currently in the implementation phase of achieving this goal in a number of territories worldwide and there are already over 2,800 EDM systems in use in hospitals globally. Distribution arrangements are in place in over 30 countries.

Deltex Medical has been awarded a NICE recommendation for the CardioQ-EDM, based on comprehensive evidence which proves that EDM Fluid Management can reduce postoperative complications and reduce length of hospital stay.


Deltex Medical is a fast growing company, which validates and delivers innovative healthcare solutions, designed to enhance patient recovery.

The primary objective of Human Resources is to keep up with the needs of a fast growing company. We ensure that personnel are recruited and developed to make sure their knowledge and expertise contribute to the overall success of the business.

Career opportunities abound within the company covering various roles and functions. If you are interested or would like further information for any of the roles advertised below, please send your resume to donna.connolly@deltexmedical.com.

Purpose Vision & Values

Our Purpose

We will validate and deliver innovative healthcare solutions, designed to enhance patient recovery.

Our Vision

  • By investing in our products, services and people
  • By communicating openly and honestly with our customers and each other
  • By changing behaviour and making EDM the system-wide standard of care in intraoperative fluid management
  • By cultivating a reputation for expert advice and incomparable support and training
  • We will increase profitability and continue to grow the Deltex Medical business.

Our Values

  • With support and understanding, in partnership with the clinician
  • With the patient at the heart of our business
  • With passion and focus
  • With expertise and invention
  • With knowledge, experience, and irrefutable evidence

Company History

Deltex Instruments purchased Doptek in 1989. The two companies ran in parallel until 1st October 1992, when Deltex Medical was officially incorporated. The development of ODM1 was directly led by the MD thesis of Dr Mervyn Singer (now Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College Hospital, London) entitled “Continuous Haemodynamic Monitoring by Oesophageal Doppler”.

Developments in the Oesophageal Doppler led to the release of the ODM2 in 1995. This was subsequently followed by upgraded technology in the form of CardioQ (1999) and the CardioQ-ODM (2008). The CardioQ-ODM+, the world’s first fluid management system incorporating both ODM and PPWA technologies, was released in 2012.

In 2001, Deltex Medical passed the £1million turnover mark with sales of £1.3million. Deltex was floated on the AIM market in November 2001.

ODM technology has since received a number of awards and recommendations. These include the NICE MTG3 Guidelines, published in 2011, being named as one of six High Impact Innovations in Innovation, Health and Wealth (2011) as well as a recommendation by the Enhanced Recovery Partnership (2012).

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Company Timeline


  • Deltex Instruments founded by Pauline Thomas. Primary product is the Flexiflo enteral feeding pump manufactured in Portsmouth and distributed by Abbott Laboratories.


  • Deltex Instruments purchased Doptek, designer and manufacturer of Doppler ultrasound devices in Chichester.Dr Mervyn Singer completed his MD thesis “Continuous Haemodynamic Monitoring by Oesophageal Monitoring”.


  • ODM1 released in the UK.


  • First Randomised Control Trial showing the benefit of using ODM in cardiac surgery published by Mythen and Webb.
  • ODM2 released, marketed by Abbott Laboratories.


  • Formation of Deltex Medical Inc. in Texas, USA.


  • Launch of CardioQ.
  • Formation of Deltex Sales and Marketing Operations in the UK.
  • Death of Deltex Instruments founder, Pauline Thomas.


  • Deltex Medical listed on NASDAQ.


  • Company sales passed the £1million turnover point with total sales of £1.3million.
  • Deltex Medical was floated on the AIM market. This was originally planned for 11th September 2001, but was delayed until November due to the events of 9/11.


  • University College Hospital, London, announced their Enhanced Surgical Treatment and Recovery Program (ESTReP), including the use of CardioQ as a standard of Care.


  • CardioQ-ODM was launched.


  • National Technology Adoption Centre (NTAC) “Howtowhyto” Guide published.


  • NICE Guideline on ODM(MTG3) published, recommending the use of ODM for all patients undergoing major or high risk surgery.
  • “Innovation, Health and Wealth – Accelerating Adoption in the NHS” was published, naming ODM as one of six High Impact Innovations.


  • NTAC’s IOFM Adoption Pack released.
  • CQUIN 2013/14 Guidance published, naming ODM as one of six High Impact Innovations.
  • Enhanced Recovery Program – Fulfilling the Potential, published.

Management Team

Andy Mears, Chief Executive

Andy joined Deltex Medical in 1989 as an Electronics Engineer. Throughout his career with Deltex Medical, he has held a number of roles, including Product & Production Manager and Operations Director. Andy was appointed as Group Sales Director in 2010, Managing Director in 2015 and Chief Executive in 2018.

Melissa Browning Till, VP Sales & Marketing

Melissa joined Deltex Medical in June 2013 as VP Sales & Marketing. She holds a degree in Marketing with over 25 years of experience in medical sales management, with special focus on development of education and partnership programs.

Jim Caruso, VP Education

Jim joined Deltex Medical in 2000 as VP Education. Jim has a degree in Respiratory Therapy and has previously worked as a Director of Clinical Education as well as  a background teaching hemodynamics and mechanical ventilation.

Donna Connolly, VP Human Resources

Donna joined Deltex Medical in September 2013 as Human Resources and US Office Manager. In November 2014, she was appointed VP of Human Resources. Previously, Donna was HR consultant to Deltex for 4 years prior to being appointed with the company.  She brings with her over 17 years of HR experience and currently holds a BBA, MBA and is a certified professional in Human Resources with PHR.