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Esophageal Doppler Monitoring (EDM+)

Only the CardioQ-EDM+ has the precision and responsiveness to guide  clinically proven >10% change Stroke Volume Optimization (SVO).

The clinical benefits of the EDM+ stem directly from the use of a low frequency ultrasound signal to measure blood flow directly in the central circulation.

The EDM+ is the world’s first hemodynamic monitoring system to measure both flow and pressure directly.

An exciting new upgrade to the proven Doppler technology, the EDM+ combines Doppler measurement of blood flow with Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis (PPWA). This provides users with:

  • “Flow Monitoring Mode” : to guide intervention – with proven and highly sensitive measurement of flow
  • “Pressure Monitoring Mode” : for extended continuous monitoring – using proven Doppler for the simplest calibration yet devised

Previous hemodynamic monitors have either been;

  • fast, precise, responsive flow-based measurement, but non-continuous, or
  • less responsive, pressure-based continuous monitors requiring complex calibration and frequent recalibration to be effective

In combining minimally invasive esophageal Doppler monitoring (EDM) flow based technology with a PPWA system, the EDM+ provides an unparalleled range of functional hemodynamic parameters. Patients can be continuously monitored for extended periods between intervention and calibration episodes. Designed for surgical and intensive care applications, Deltex Medical has chosen the most stable and extensively researched PPWA algorithm currently available.

View the TrueVue Doppler Brochure

TrueVue System Brochure

EDM+ Technical Specification

A technical specification for the EDM+ monitor can be accessed here

Monitor Mounting Arms

There are a range of mounting arms available from GCX which attach the monitor to anesthesia stations.  You can view the full range available here GCX Mounting Solutions

Interface Cables

When making a connection from the EDM+ to the High End Monitor (HEM), an interface cable is required.  Deltex Medical provide a Blood Pressure (ABP) Cable Guide which is available here; Cable Guide

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