This Meta-Analysis has been prepared rigorously and objectively by Deltex Medical’s lead scientist. It is designed to be a valuable resource to everyone interested in the evidence for Hemodynamic Management and may be downloaded and used without any need for permission.

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This Meta-Analysis of published outcome evidence of fluid management using a Stroke Volume Optimization (SVO) strategy confirms that EDM is the only technology that can reduce both the incidence of complications and the length of hospital stay during surgery.

Studies of EDM-guided SVO for fluid management demonstrate a reduction in the incidence of postoperative complications, whereas studies using an arterial pressure based device (PPWA) to guide SVO for hemodynamic management did not:

Comp 11.12

EDM-guided hemodynamic management demonstrated a 1.1-day reduction in length of hospital stay, an outcome not obtained with PPWA technologies.

Deltex Medical plans to update the meta-analysis as it becomes aware of further studies newly published in peer reviewed journals to create a ‘living’ up to date meta-analysis.

LOS 11.12

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