New EDM+ Monitoring Capabilities on Show in US

American anesthesiologists will this month be introduced to two new features on the EDM+ hemodynamic monitoring system. Already introduced in Europe, the High Definition Impedance Cardiography (HD-ICG) mode adds a wholly non-invasive cardiac output monitoring capability to the suite. Additionally, the Velocity/Pressure Loops (VP Loops) function means clinicians can monitor each and every heartbeat. The graphical result provides powerful information about the impact of therapeutic interventions and guides further actions.

For Deltex, Managing Director Andy Mears states; “Supplementing Deltex’s renowned esophageal Doppler with best-in-class monitoring modes on the EDM+ system makes perfect sense. EDM+ instantly becomes a justifiable system of choice across entire hospital systems, whatever the monitoring demands and circumstances. Adding HD-ICG means we can now address the awake patient. Furthermore, the VP-Loops function reinforces our position as the company that delivers the most powerful monitoring capabilities to anesthesiologists. Our aim is to provide clinicians with the capability to make informed therapeutic decisions. Precision medicine can only be delivered by the best monitoring technologies.”

Deltex is using the forthcoming American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) annual meeting, at which to showcase its newly-featured system and plans to roll it out in the short term, subject to FDA 510(k) clearance.   

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