NHSSC Award for New TrueVue System in the UK

Deltex Medical, the global leader in oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM), is pleased to announce NHS Supply Chain (“NHSSC”) entry on to the national framework tender for the new TrueVue System. The award means that it is pre-approved for purchase by NHS hospitals. Moreover the framework agreement enables the NHS and approved customers to purchase Deltex Medical’s new TrueVue System. This means that in practice it provides a compliant route to market.

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The new TrueVue System is the only haemodynamic monitor to combine direct independent
measurements of both blood flow and blood pressure in a patient across each and every heartbeat. It provides the clinician with real-time, clinically validated haemodynamic parameters. Clinicians use these data to assess the patient’s cardiac function. Moreover the system guides fluid and drug therapy to optimise cardiovascular performance.

Deltex CEO Andy Mears is delighted with the award. He says; “Being selected to participate in the framework agreement with the NHSSC makes it easier for NHS hospitals to access the benefits of TrueVue. These include better surgical outcomes, significantly fewer post-operative complications and reduced hospital length of stay”

The role of NHSSC is to source, deliver and supply healthcare products, services and food for
NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales.

New Truevue is in the NHSSC product category of “Specialist Patient Monitoring Equipment. In effect the framework agreement enables the NHS and approved customers to purchase Deltex Medical’s powerful haemodynamic monitoring system

The framework agreement will commence on 8 June 2024. Subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement, runs for a minimum of 24 months. Additionally NHSSC can optionally extend the agreement for up to another 24 months.

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