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Deltex Medical manufactures and markets TrueVue™ haemodynamic monitoring systems with Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring (ODM™) technology. ODM+ is the only therapy to continually measure blood flow in the central circulation in real time. Minimally invasive, easy to set up and quick to focus, the system generates a low frequency ultrasound signal, which is highly sensitive to changes in flow, and measures them immediately. Multiple Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) using oesophageal Doppler, have demonstrated that early fluid management intervention can reduce postoperative complications, reduce intensive care admissions and reduce the length of hospital stay.

Our Goal

ODM+ is increasingly recognised as a standard of care for patients undergoing major surgery and in critical care. The broader clinical area of haemodynamic management of which ODM+ is a core constituent is also becoming widely accepted as an important major new medical modality. Consequently, Deltex Medical’s focus is on maximising value from the opportunities presented as enhanced haemodynamic management is adopted into routine clinical practice the world over.

The Company operates directly in the UK, USA, Spain and Canada and through distribution arrangements in a further 40 countries. There are over 3,500 monitors installed in hospitals around the world and over a million patients have been treated to date using Deltex Medical’s single patient disposable probes.

In recognition of the fact that haemodynamic monitoring is beneficial in a variety of clinical settings, Deltex Medical has expanded its clinical reach to now offer “best-in-class”alternative modes for use in situations when the patient is unlikely to tolerate an indwelling probe. This extends the company’s reach to include the awake patient, opening up pre and postoperative monitoring, emergency surgery and ward care. The company’s TrueVue software platform includes Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis (PPWA) High Definition Impedance Cardiography (HD-ICG). And now with TrueVue Loops Deltex provides a powerful diagnostic tool for clinicians to identify haemodynamic risk and the consequences of intervention on every heartbeat.

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