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Deltex Medical, Terminus Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8TX.

If you require further information, please use the contact form provided or call +44(0) 1243 774 837.

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UK customers

For pricing, sales or training enquiries relating to the CardioQ-ODM+ monitors, probes and accessories, please contact Customer Services directly on 0845 085 0001 or email Customer Services directly.

(Office hours are Monday – Friday 8.30 – 5.00).

Placing orders

  • Orders can be emailed directly to or faxed to 01243 532 534
  • Additionally, both monitors and probes can be ordered directly via The NHS Supply Chain quoting the National Framework Reference: 2011/S165-272795.

To find your local sales or product specialist, please email and we will respond as quickly as possible.

USA customers

For any pricing, sales or training enquiries relating to the CardioQ-EDM+ monitor, probes and accessories, please contact the Corporate Office directly; 864 527 5913 or email Customer Services

Placing orders

(Corporate office hours are Monday – Friday 8.30 – 5.00).

Customers in all other countries

For all orders outside the UK or USA please check to see our local partner within your country [distributors] or email us directly at

Request Training

Deltex Medical can offer a variety of training and educational support:

Classroom sessions can be arranged for clinicians and/or nurses who will be prospective users of the ODM or ODM+. The duration and content can be set according to specific needs and may include: cardiac anatomy and physiology, overview of the technology, clinical evidence, the need for fluid management etc.

Practical support can also be initiated to follow on from classroom sessions or can also be arranged independently.  A dedicated Clinical Specialist can be made available for up to 3 months in order to implement the technology as a standard of care.

Please contact Deltex Medical or your local UK Training Team to discuss requirements.

For international training needs please contact your nearest Distributor

Request a Seminar

Deltex Medical employs a Scientist Lecturer to deliver scientific (non-commercial) seminars on IOFM (Intra-operative fluid management).

Dr Carissa Murrell delivers the seminars, which take approximately 45 minutes (including question time) and covers:

  • The available technologies
  • How they work
  • Their accuracy and precision
  • The fluid management algorithms
  • The evidence

For more information, or to book a seminar, please email:

Dr Murrell completed her PhD in Physiology at New Zealand’s University of Otago. Using Doppler ultrasound and non-invasive cardiac output monitoring technology, she studied the effect of age, fitness, and exercise on the control of cerebral blood flow.

Dr Murrell’s publication record:

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Service & Repair

Deltex Medical offers a full on-site UK based service and repair facility*, including provision of loan monitors whilst repairs/maintenance or servicing are being undertaken (depending on age and status of monitor).

This service includes software and hardware upgrades where applicable.  Full electrical safety testing conforming to BSI 60601 standard is carried out routinely.  Calibration and functional tests are performed as part of the maintenance procedure to ensure optimal performance of the monitor.  An individual report is produced detailing all work carried out.

Please contact Customer Services on +44 (0) 1243 774 837 for further information.

* For any International enquires relating to repairs, please email Customer Services

Deltex Medical is attending numerous events and exhibitions. A new schedule is in preparation.

If you require information in the meantime, please email the marketing team.