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Deltex Medical is a British manufacturer of Fluid Management devices, which include the ODM+ haemodynamic monitoring systems. From its head office and manufacturing base in Chichester, West Sussex, the company now has subsidiaries in the USA, Canada and Spain.

Deltex’s mission is to benefit patients and healthcare providers by making oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM) the standard of care wherever possible. We’re passionate about this because the evidence tells us that use of ODM to guide fluid and drug administration results in better outcomes. Better outcomes for patient, clinician and healthcare provider.

The principle is that by accurately monitoring and managing a patient’s haemodynamic status, the risk of complications is minimised. This means longer life, shorter hospital stay and reduced cost of care.

Deltex’s robust evidence base has been established over many years. It is a compelling story of clinical benefit and cost-effectiveness that is helping the company to achieve system-wide adoption of this unique medical technology.

We’re working hard on our mission across the world. There are already over 3,000 ODM systems in use in hospitals globally with distribution in over 30 countries.

Deltex Medical has been awarded a NICE recommendation for the CardioQ-ODM. ODM Fluid Management is one of the six High Impact Innovations, based on comprehensive evidence which proves that ODM Fluid Management can reduce postoperative complications and reduce length of hospital stay.

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