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TrueVue™: Precise, Proven and now Portable

Oesophageal Doppler and Pulse Contour Analysis on one platform

New TrueVue, Deltex’s groundbreaking monitoring system, is designed to empower anaesthetists and intensive care doctors with the most accurate, real-time picture of patient haemodynamics.

TrueVue is built on the rich legacy of Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring (ODM) technology. The system delivers a Doppler flow image, measuring start, end, and peak blood flow velocity directly from the aorta. It continuously, precisely and accurately measures Stroke Distance (VTI), forming the basis of all other parameters.

Deltex technology is backed by an extensive peer-reviewed evidence base. Most recently, the FEDORA study; the largest positive multicentre randomised outcome trial published on the haemodynamic management of patients during surgery using ODM. The results? Goal-Directed Haemodynamic Therapy (GDHT) using our technology led to a statistically significant 75% reduction in post-op complications and reduced the median length of hospital stay by two days.


We’re also introducing DoppLink, an innovative patient interface cable that enhances signal processing. Lightweight yet robust, DoppLink can be clipped to drapes for anchorage and stored in the rear accessories basket or the optional roll stand basket.


Integrating the arterial blood pressure signal for TrueVue, PressureWave offers the most stable and extensively researched Pulse Contour Analysis algorithm currently available. With its exceptional evidence base, great accuracy and precision, improved signal acquisition and retention, and combined flow and pressure for Doppler and Calibrated Pulse Contour Analysis, TrueVue is setting a new standard in patient care.

User Enhancements

Our new intuitive navigation interface features an improved high-resolution screen which is visible from all angles. And new integrated battery power means the system is portable so can remain with the patient across more clinical settings.

TrueVue is truly a game-changer in the fields of anaesthesia and intensive care.

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