All New TrueVue Launch in South East Asia: Deltex at WCA2024

New haemodynamic monitoring system combines experience and evidence with state-of-the-art tech:

New TrueView System + DoppLink Cable

British manufacturer and world expert in haemodynamic monitoring systems, Deltex Medical is attending this years World Congress of Anaesthesiologists (WCA2024) congress in Singapore. For Deltex the event represents the effective launch of new TrueVue, which is a major milestone for the company. A distributor meeting is also taking place, at which senior Deltex experts will be providing information and training for representatives of the company’s South East Asian distributor network.   

Haemodynamic monitoring for a new era on show at WCA2024

New TrueVue represents the biggest raft of changes Deltex has undertaken since oesophageal Doppler monitoring first hit the headlines over 10 years ago. The new product delivers the proven benefits of oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM). Now though the system is easier to operate with features designed for a new generation of users. In fact the new system is built almost entirely to address feedback from the anaesthesiologist community. The new TrueVue haemodynamic monitoring platform features an intuitive HD touchscreen and optional battery power. This means it can continue to guide interventions during the critical stages of the patient pathway. Improvements in signal acquisition and maintenance mean clinicians are now better able to deliver the proven benefits of Doppler monitoring to more patients. All new TrueVue represents a highly significant milestone on Deltex’s mission to eliminate complications caused by haemodynamic instability.   

Mission: Zero complications from haemodynamic causes, in our sights” says Deltex CEO 

Deltex, CEO Andy Mears states; “Faced with high pressure operating and critical care environments it’s tempting for clinicians to think of haemodynamic monitoring as a luxury. However the evidence tells us that outcomes are significantly improved if the patient is in an optimum haemodynamic state. Only TrueVue with its unique oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM) technology is accurate and powerful enough to deliver the real-time information anaesthesiologists need to guide their fluid and drug interventions. Now even easier to use and portable between clinical settings, the patient benefits are within reach. This means better outcomes, increased efficiency and lower costs.”

WCA2024 is the 18th World Congress of Anaesthesiologists, taking place in Singapore from 3 – 7 March 2024. The WCA2024 Congress will be the first held in person since 2016. 

Visitors to WCA2024 are invited to come and see the new TrueVue System on the Deltex booth E24. 

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