All main haemodynamic monitoring methods now on single platform

Haemodynamic monitoring expert Deltex Medical is the leader in Oesophageal Doppler technology. The company has now added High Definition Impedance Cardiography (HD-ICG™) to its CardioQ-ODM+ fluid management system.

This provides three different technologies on one device. These are Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring(ODM), Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis (PPWA) and HD-ICG. This is the first time a single integrated system has combined all three leading haemodynamic monitoring solutions.

The HD-ICG uses advanced filtering techniques and complex waveform morphology to calculate the parameters required by the clinician. It achieves this by removing the “noise” generated by respiration. The result is a non-invasive, real-time, continuous and accurate picture of cardiac output.

The new product is CE marked and Deltex says it will launch immediately in the UK. It will introduce it into overseas markets in Q3 once it has completed the foreign language translations. The company is also pursuing U.S. FDA (510K) regulatory approval.

We spoke to Chief Executive Ewan Phillips. “The addition of High Definition Impedance Cardiography to our platform is very exciting for us. It gives us an easy-to-use non-invasive cardiac output monitoring technology which complements to our existing ODM product.

“We had already added Pulse Pressure Waveform Analysis to CardioQ-ODM+. With the addition of HD-ICG we now offer all three of the leading haemodynamic monitoring technologies on one platform. This means clinicians can choose the most appropriate mode for their monitoring requirements across the whole hospital.”

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