Supporting Haemodynamic Monitoring Education at EBPOM Event

Tuesday January 16th sees Deltex being prime sponsor at the year’s first major educational event in its specialist area. To be held in London under the auspices of the EBPOM (Evidence based peri-operative medicine) the event is titled “Current Initiatives, Research and the Role of Hemodynamic Monitoring.” It features a stellar line-up of expert speakers and an audience of 80 delegates.

Talks cover everything from the reasons for monitoring haemodynamic variables through to the methodologies and outcomes of so-doing. The day concludes with coverage of awake-patient monitoring, a practice now firmly in Deltex’s gift as the company offers its best-in-class non-invasive monitoring technologies from its single ODM+ platform.

For Deltex, Managing Director Andy Mears says “The evidence tells us that monitoring and management of fluid levels in patients across all risk categories avoids complications, saves lives, bed days and money for cash-strapped healthcare providers. Building consensus about what to do, when and on whom is only achievable by sharing expert knowledge at educational events such as this. We’re delighted to be supporting EBPOM and playing our part in delivering the best possible patient outcomes.”

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