Show Time for Deltex with US Launch of TrueVue at ASA

October 13th sees the start of this year’s Anesthesiology Society of America (ASA) annual congress in San Francisco. Deltex will be exhibiting at this major event (booth 1513), launching its TrueVue platform to an expectant audience of anesthesiologists. Underpinned by Deltex’s clinically proven oesophageal Doppler monitoring technology, TrueVue takes the clinical experience to another level. TrueVue delivers an unparalleled and unprecedented view of the patient’s haemodynamic status. That’s why the company’s messaging invites the clinician to “see what we see.”

Real time, directly monitored cardiac output data provides the anesthesiologist with the capability to keep the patient in their optimum range. This means that complications associated with poor haemodynamic management can be avoided. Randomised trial after randomised trial have demonstrated that only oesophageal Doppler is proven to significantly reduce complications including Acute Kidney Injury and Surgical Site Infection.

Now, with TrueVue, the company delivers its best yet window into the haemodynamic status of the patient. Incorporating VP (velocity/pressure) Loops software means the clinician has a real time graphical representation of every single heartbeat. This means the impact of vasoactive drugs can be seen instantly, giving a new level of control.

And now the system also features less-invasive monitoring technologies on one platform, so haemodynamic status can be continuously assessed through the entire care pathway, including during the postoperative phase.

Find Deltex at ASA 2018 here.

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