23rd ODM+ RCT shows benefit in Obese Patients

A newly published randomised controlled trial (RCT) is the 23rd to reinforce the important contribution of oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM+). The study evaluates haemodynamic management in obese surgical patients.

Study demonstrates value of ODM+ in obese patients

Obesity is a major and increasing healthcare problem with a growing surgical caseload. Obese patients present surgical care givers with their own specific challenges. As the authors state, “Subcutaneous tissue and wound hypoxia are common in obese patients during the perioperative period. Even with supplemental oxygen, tissue oxygen tension is reduced to partial pressures, which are associated with a substantial increase in surgical site infection.”

“Subcutaneous tissue oxygenation is crucial for wound healing and serves as a major predictive factor for the development of surgical wound infections.”

It’s therefore important to apply the best haemodynamic monitoring protocol to optimise tissue perfusion.  

Published in Obesity the study, here, compares conventional fluid management with Goal Directed Fluid Therapy (GDFT) using ODM+.

The authors conclude that;

“Regardless of similar systemic hemodynamics and comparable fluid requirements, goal-directed fluid therapy improved subcutaneous tissue oxygen partial pressure in the early postoperative period in obese patients undergoing laparoscopic bariatric surgery.”

Deltex Medical CEO Andy Mears comments; “It’s gratifying to see the demonstrable benefits of precision haemodynamic management in another RCT and yet another clinical setting. This study highlights the importance of optimising subcutaneous tissue oxygenation in obese patients. It again demonstrates that adopting a systematic individualised haemodynamic approach using Deltex’s ODM+ technology outperforms the historic prescriptive protocol.”

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