Major US Hospital Adopts ODM Based on its Own Evidence

Using data from 150 of its own patients, a “top ten” U.S. hospital is to adopt Deltex’s Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring (ODM) system.

Ranked in the top ten hospitals in the USA, the University Teaching Hospital is a flagship site within a six hospital healthcare system.

The evaluation saw ODM incorporated into the hospital’s already established Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP) in colorectal surgery. The result was around a 10% reduction in the average time colorectal surgery patients spent in hospital. In urology surgery, where enhanced recovery is still at its early stages, the reduction was even greater at around 20%.

The clinicians leading the quality improvement project told Deltex about a previous evaluation of an alternative cardiac output monitoring technology to guide fluid management. In contrast to ODM, that system had shown an increased length of stay.

The hospital has now started implementing ODM into its standard operating procedures for both colorectal and urological surgery. The plan will see its introduction into the two largest sister hospitals in the second quarter of 2018 and the remaining three hospitals by the end of the year. By then the flagship hospital expects to have started to routinely use Deltex’s unique ODM system in other surgical disciplines.

Managing Director Andy Mears says, “Deltex’s unique cardiac output monitoring system helps anaesthetists to deliver long term benefits to patients’ health. For a major hospital to generate its own data that reinforces this is both rewarding and a powerful endorsement. Shorter hospital stay for patients and ultimate cost savings make this a win win scenario.”

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