Improving Safety Through Patient Monitoring

The robust foundation of clinical evidence in support of Deltex Medical’s oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM) system has once more attracted press attention. The Clinical Services Journal, a major UK-based monthly magazine for healthcare professionals, has written about the benefits of haemodynamic management in the operating environment.



Titled “Improving Safety Through Patient Monitoring” the article focuses on the evidence that by monitoring patients’ vital signs, clinical outcomes are improved. To Deltex, with our years of leadership in this field, of course this no surprise. After all, study after study have told us that using the ODM system to monitor and manage patients’ haemodynamic status significantly reduces complications such as Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and Surgical Site infections (SSIs). This new article adds weight to the argument for routine monitoring, building on the ever-growing recognition of the fact: haemodynamic management has a direct and unequivocally positive impact on patient safety.

The CSJ article points to the recent ground-breaking FEDORA study. This 450 patient trial demonstrates the power of haemodynamic management using Deltex’s technology-leading system. Published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia (BJA) earlier this year, FEDORA is the nineteenth randomised controlled trial (RCT) to employ ODM technology (competitive systems are strikingly backed up by no such studies). Once again the evidence says that employing this gold-standard haemodynamic management tool is proven to reduce both major and minor complications associated with surgery, even in patients considered to be at low to moderate risk.

The CSJ has correctly identified that patients are at risk if their haemodynamics are not correctly managed during surgery… And as a haemodynamic management tool, Deltex’s ODM is the only device with the evidence base to support it.

Find the article here.

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