EBPOM Congress sees Deltex recruiting for TruVue VP Loops study

Haemodynamic Monitoring will be high on the agenda at July’s Perioperative Medicine congress. Taking place in London from July 4th to 6th, the event is held under the auspices of EBPOM (Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine). The congress features an expert faculty and will welcome delegates from around the world.

EBPOM is a not for profit collaboration between a number of UK and international academic institutions. It exists to promote the examination, discussion and application of evidence based medicine to perioperative care.

Perioperative fluid management expert Deltex Medical is a diamond sponsor of the EBPOM congress and will host a session on Wednesday July 5th. The company will use the event to introduce its TruVue Velocity Pressure Loops (VP Loops) system. TruVue enables clinicians to view both blood flow and blood pressure throughout the heartbeat. The goal is to assist in haemodynamic diagnosis and allow precise guidance of vasoactive drugs. As such it contributes significantly to patient safety.

Deltex has gained funding to start a 6 month feasibility study in advance of a potential VP Loops trial. The EBPOM forum will help recruit clinicians interested in participating in this research.

For Deltex, CEO Ewan Phillips commented; “We’re delighted to support this important event. This is an exciting time for Deltex as leaders in the field of perioperative fluid management. The EBPOM congress is a well-timed opportunity to showcase additions to our Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring system. Having recently added HD-ICG impedance cardiography to ODM+, we’re now looking to incorporate TruVue VP Loops. The aim is to deliver clinicians all the monitoring parameters they need on which to base haemodynamic management decisions.”

If you are attending the EBPOM congress, we would be delighted to meet you. For more information about TruVue specifically or the Deltex ODM+ haemodynamic monitoring platform, please contact us.

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