Does Blood Pressure Deliver the Full Picture?

Deltex Medical is committed to helping clinicians deliver the very best patient care. This means providing guidance that can help to unleash the potential of our powerful ODM+ haemodynamic monitoring system.

To this end the company has released a new and thought-provoking information piece, asking whether it’s enough to rely exclusively on blood pressure alone to guide treatment protocols. Find the document here (PDF).

The article explains why relying on blood pressure as the singular haemodynamic monitoring parameter falls short, arguing that flow-based parameters are vital as a guide to therapeutic decisions. Using the oesophageal Doppler monitor (ODM+) to assess central blood flow will tell the clinician if the patient is in a high or low cardiac output state. It notes that both scenarios are possible with the same blood pressure. Importantly, the treatment protocols for these two scenarios are very different.


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