Deltex Medical Joins UK Healthcare Pavilion Digital Platform

The new UK Digital Healthcare Pavilion describes itself as a unique partnering platform. Its mission is to help overseas customers discover, connect and innovate with the UK’s thriving healthcare and life sciences sector. 

UK Healthcare Pavilion logo

This new global platform aims to showcase the very best of British healthcare. As such, world-leading technology company Deltex Medical was keen to sign up. See our page here.

The Pavilion’s aims to provide a simple, insightful way to identify and engage UK industry and healthcare organisations. In particular it will build on the already excellent support provided by the Association of British Healthtech Industries (ABHI). In so doing UK-based medical device exporters will be better able to engage customers around the world.

Andy Mears, Deltex’s CEO said; “We relish the opportunity to be involved with this initiative. Above all, its aim to inspire cross-border collaborations will increase our ability to contribute to local and global health challenges.”

Similarly enthusiastic, for the Pavilion, Paul Benton says; “It is great to be working with so many brilliant organisations as we continue to build our unique new community. The Pavilion is an excellent showcase for all the amazing work that goes on here within the UK’s healthcare & life sciences ecosystem.”

Find out more about the UK Healthcare Pavilion by visiting its new website here.

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