Deltex at US Evidence-Based Medicine Show

September 28-30th sees Chicago hosting a Perioperative Care “Practicum” at which Deltex will be participating. The event, advertised as the EBPOM(Evidence-Based Perioperative Medicine)-USA Chicago Masters Course will see thought leaders sharing their experience and practices in application of evidence-based principles to the perioperative clinical setting. Details here.

Attending for Deltex Medical, CEO Andy Mears states “We’re long term supporters of EBPOM and are delighted to be attending this important event. Oesophageal Doppler is the only haemodynamic management technology to be backed up by multiple randomised controlled trials: We can proudly claim to be partnering clinicians around the world in delivering fewer haemodynamic complications and improved outcomes. The Chicago Masters course is yet another opportunity to deliver the good news that problems such as Acute Kidney Injury and Surgical Site infection can be minimised using ODM.”

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