Deltex Article in New Statesman

Deltex Medical Managing Director Andy Mears has authored a piece that appears in the New Statesman.

In a special feature edition, entitled “Shaping Healthcare Through Medtech,” numerous contributors talk positively about the part our industry can play in delivery of world-class healthcare.

The supplement, which can be found here, is themed around the idea that healthcare, specifically the NHS, needs innovation if it is to keep pace with ever-increasing demands placed upon it. The challenge that comes through loud and clear in several of the articles is that adopting technological innovations in the NHS, while essential can be very difficult.

There can be few better exemplars than Deltex, backed up as it is by a wealth of evidence. As Andy says in his article “the great unmet challenge comes in getting the National Health Service to actually adopt innovative products even when they know how good they are.”

He continues “The possibilities of widescale implementation of ODM were recognised early with a specific NICE approval (MTG3), selection as one of six “high-impact innovations” to be adopted by the NHS and even a report on BBC News. However, neither ODM nor haemodynamic monitoring in general are yet practiced as “standard of care.”

The paradox remains that for a variety of reasons, the NHS is slow to adopt the very technologies that it acknowledges it needs to adopt and that it has the evidence to support.

Deltex is steadfastly on a mission. Its ODM technology is proven to help clinicians deliver fewer complications, longer lives, shorter stays and lower costs.

While acknowledging the challenge, Andy’s New Statesman piece signs off with the expression of hope about fast-track innovation-adoption initiatives.

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