COVID 19: Fluid Management Support

In the UK the COVID 19 epidemic means the NHS is facing unprecedented disruption over the coming months. As a result many hospitals have requested that all non-essential supplier visits to the Trust are suspended.

While there remains no cure for COVID 19 the management of patients mainly focuses on the provision of supportive care to include oxygenation, ventilation, and fluid management.

Technology leader in haemodynamic monitoring Deltex Medical is, as always, here to help. Being UK based we can and will do what we can to support our healthcare providers. We are committed to providing free access to haemodynamic monitoring for those patients that may require it in intensive care units(ICU). We have manufactured additional monitors and probes to ensure that we can cope with the additional demand. We will provide monitors free on loan to those hospitals that require them.

Deltex will endeavour to fulfil all requests for monitors and probes within 48 hours, assuming we do not need to close our offices. Should the office be forced to close for any period of time, our UK-wide representatives will carry an emergency supply and can arrange local delivery. Our staff are all familiar with ITU practises and protocols. They are available to support and train when and where they are needed and within all current guidelines. We also have free access to online clinical training and education to reduce face to face meetings.

At Deltex Medical we salute our healthcare professionals for the dedication and excellence of care you are providing at this critical time. We hope we can help.

If you would like to contact Deltex Medical to discuss how we can support your clinical efforts, please do so by completing the form here, or calling us directly on 01243 774 837.

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