COVID-19 Case Studies: While it’s all about Fluid, it’s not just about “Giving” Fluid

COVID-19 may be here to stay for a while, but as every day goes by the experts in all related fields are gaining a greater experience of the therapeutic options. 

With that experience comes insight that drives future decisions towards improved outcomes. Here are two fascinating case studies that provide just such an insight. They come from University College Hospital London, home of one the finest ICUs in the world and users of ODM as their haemodynamic monitoring solution of choice. 

The case studies come in the form of a presentation by critical care luminary Professor Mervyn Singer, and both point to the benefit of understanding what is really going on with a patient’s haemodynamics. Take ten minutes to review the presentation and assimilate what the contrasting case studies are really saying. It’s all about the importance of fluid balance, the benefits of individualised haemodynamic optimisation and the fact that while (some may think) it’s all about fluid, it’s not just all about giving fluid. 

And Deltex’s point would be… to achieve haemodynamic balance you need to understand what’s really going on, which means using the diagnostic equipment that gives you the best, most accurate, real-time window on the patient’s status. 

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