Arab Health Success and Next Generation TrueVue Open for Pre-Order

Arab Health provided an opportunity for British technology company Deltex Medical to talk about its new, next generation TrueVue haemodynamic monitoring system. The company is working hard in anticipation of the up-coming launch, with customers around the world already placing advance orders.

At the end of January the company previewed its next generation system on the ABHI pavilion at Arab Health, alongside a host of other British MedTech innovators. Deltex’s global distributor community was very much in evidence, which provided CEO @Andy Mears and International Sales Director @Peter Rose with an excellent opportunity to spell out the benefits of new TrueVue System over its predecessor. 

next generation TrueVue adds portability
TrueVue now adds portability to monitoring power

Next Generation TrueVue 

The next generation system features the biggest package of evolutionary improvements Deltex has ever undertaken. With ODM+ at its core, enhancements to TrueVue mean it now better addresses clinician demands and can be applied in more healthcare settings. The system is perfectly aligned with Deltex’s ambitions as expressed in its mantra:

“Mission Zero: Eliminate post-op complications caused by haemodynamic instability”

Deltex is a long-established world expert in haemodynamic monitoring systems. It’s these decades of experience that form the foundation for the raft of changes incorporated into the new product. Importantly the new TrueVue system is underpinned by Deltex’s proven, proprietary oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM+) technology. 

As Peter Rose puts it; “In essence, understanding what’s going on is a vital step to optimising fluids and resultant organ perfusion. In this regard, next generation TrueVue provides a unique window into the haemodynamic status of the patient. And now it’s so much easier to deploy, being portable between clinical settings, and with a newly intuitive touchscreen interface.”

CEO Comments

Andy Mears adds; ”We’re describing our quest as Mission Zero and our next generation TrueVue really delivers on this ambition. We’re well placed to help clinicians steer a course that has the potential to make many avoidable complications a thing of the past. 

Andy adds; “Supported by a unique body of clinical evidence, we know that better outcomes mean patient benefits and lower costs, as ongoing care requirements are reduced. Even in today’s pressured healthcare environment it’s easy to make a case for routine monitoring with TrueVue. After all, here’s a monitoring system that is proven to improve patient safety, delivers greater efficiency and demonstrably saves money. As with all technology-based solutions, complexity can be the enemy of adoption. So these upgrades focus on usability and making the clinician experience better, which we sense will be popular.”

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