All New TrueVue™ to Preview at Arab Health

Precise, Proven and now Portable; the new clinical standard for beat-to-beat ultrasound imaging of cardiac output.

It’s that time of year again when the cream of British HealthTech gets to fly the flag at the Middle East’s biggest medical technology exhibition. 

Deltex Medical is a British manufacturer and a world expert in haemodynamic monitoring technology. The company is famous for its proven, proprietary oesophageal Doppler monitoring(ODM+) system. 

Deltex will once again be proudly showcasing its capabilities on the ABHI pavilion. This year the company will be offering a preview of the very latest, soon-to-be-launched, TrueVue haemodynamic monitoring platform.  

All New TrueVue

All New TrueVue is now portable
Portable TrueVue’s intuitive touchscreen

“ALL NEW” TrueVue represents the biggest raft of evolutionary improvements the company has ever undertaken. With ODM+ at its core, TrueVue’s enhancements mean it now better addresses clinician demands and can be applied in more clinical settings.

Deltex is keen to talk about upgrades to its already-remarkable technology. However it’s the systems usability and portability that are perhaps the most eye-catching changes. For the first time this makes it applicable in all hospital settings and transferable with the patient. Coupled with improvements in signal acquisition and maintenance, clinicians will be better able to deliver the proven benefits of Doppler monitoring to more patients. All new TrueVue represents a highly significant milestone on the mission to eliminate complications caused by haemodynamic instability. 

CEO Comments

Andy Mears states; “Faced with high pressure operating and critical care environments it’s tempting for clinicians to think of cardiac output monitoring as a luxury. The reality however is that outcomes are proven to be significantly improved if the patient is in an optimum haemodynamic state. Only TrueVue with its unique oesophageal Doppler monitoring technology is accurate, real-time and powerful enough to deliver. This is why it’s backed up by an unparalleled body of clinical evidence. 

“The new TrueVue unit is portable between clinical settings, and features a newly intuitive touchscreen user interface. Consequently it’s now even easier to make a case for routine monitoring with TrueVue. Furthermore the clear patient benefits translate into better outcomes, greater efficiency and resulting lower procedural costs.”

Arab Health takes place from January 30th to February 2nd at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Deltex Medical will feature throughout the event on the ABHI pavilion. Visitors are invited to come and see the new TrueVue system. Not only is it the only device with an extensive clinical evidence base behind it, it is now one of the simplest to use.

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