29 Years and Counting: Mears and the Haemodynamic Management Mission

Speaking from the heart, Andy Mears CEO of Deltex says “Thanks to LinkedIn for kindly pointing out that I am celebrating 29 years at Deltex Medical this month. Thanks also to all those people who have congratulated me.

“I remain passionate about Deltex with its fantastic technology and our amazing team, here in Chichester and around the world. Together with my colleagues we remain dedicated to our task. After all, what we have is an incredible story of scientific advancement brought to life in the most meaningful of ways. Study after study (19 RCTs!) show significant reductions in post-op complications when oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM) is used within a haemodynamic protocol. We have the only technology with this level of clinical support.

“And yet, even after all these years I’m still frustrated that our gold standard technology hasn’t reached the standard of care status it deserves. The adoption of this incredible haemodynamic management tool is undoubtedly slower than the evidence says it should be, a situation we’re here to change. I’m driven by the patient safety element of ODM: Avoidable injuries caused by sub-optimal haemodynamic management during surgery simply should not happen. The clue’s in the word… “avoidable.”

“On that basis I’m determined to make sure that doesn’t take another 29 years for this to become standard of care!”

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