Training and Support

The Deltex Medical Clinical Team possesses a wealth of experience in hemodynamic optimization and Enhanced Recovery protocols. We are here to help you to get the most out of our powerful system and achieve the outcomes that oesophageal Doppler monitoring using the Deltex EDM+ system has been proven to deliver.

A range of training options is available for the use of EDM+, from initial use of the product to advanced hemodynamic applications.

An excellent starting point is Deltex’s Training Workbook (PDF).

Classroom Sessions

Classroom sessions are available for clinicians who will be users of the EDM or EDM+. The duration and content can be set according to specific needs and may include: cardiac anatomy and physiology, overview of the technology, clinical evidence, the need for fluid management and more.

Hands on support can also be arranged to follow on from classroom sessions or can also be arranged independently.  A dedicated Clinical Support Specialist can arrange to be present for up to 3 months to implement the technology as a standard of care.

Please contact Deltex Medical or your local Clinical Support Specialist  to discuss requirements.

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