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Introducing the New and Improved…


Truflow™ Probe with Sustain Focus Technology!


New Probe Image.indd

As part of our ongoing committment to provide the best possible products, Deltex Medical have redesigned the ODM probe tip. Our Research & Development team, based at the Deltex Medical office in Chichester, UK, continually strive to develop more reliable and robust products . The ultrasound beam profile, as shown in the image above, is now significantly broader, providing a more stable and reliable measurement of central blood-flow in the aorta.


When evaluating the new Truflow probe, clinician feedback included:

  • Optimised focusing
  • Enhanced focus stability
  • Better retained signal throughout surgery

For more information, please contact your local Sales Specialist or Regional Sales Manager.


“I do think there was a significant improvement in maintaining the signal! In a 4-5 hour case, I don’t think I had to refocus the probe once!”

Consultant Anesthesiologist, London, UK

“I had a difficult patient today with a standard probe and swapped it for my last new one and the difference was profound”

Consultant Anesthesiologist, South East, UK


Consultant Anesthesiologist, London, UK

“I found the new probe to be a significant improvement on the old one”

Consultant Anesthesiologist, East Anglia, UK

“Worked like a dream”

Consultant Anesthesiologist, Scotland, UK

“A good trace was established easily, with little adjustment”

Consultant Anesthesiologist, London, UK

“The new probe is fantastic!”

Consultant Anesthesiologist, East Anglia, UK

“Impressed. Really good waveform immediately”

Consultant Anesthesiologist, North East, UK