Learning Academy: Workbook – The ODM+ (105 Points)

This quiz is created within the Deltex Learning Academy. In order to answer the questions, you must read the The ODM+ section of the Workbook 9051-5401 Issue 8 on the following link:
(Also available on www.deltexmedical.com and select Knowledge - ODM+ Workbook)

Hospital Name
1. What are the nomogram limits on the probe when entering data (15 Points))

2. What happens when nomogram data entered is outside of the limits (10 Points)

3. How is a snapshot taken? (10 Points)

4. How is a snapshot viewed? (10 Points)

5. How is a point added to a graph (10 Points)

6. How is pressure data calibrated (10 Points)

7. How long does the calibration last for? (10 Points)

8. What data is required to calculate SVR in FMM and PMM? (10 Points)

9. How does the user toggle between FMM & PMM (10 Points)

10. How is patient data offloaded (10 Points)

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