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Cerebral Oximetry

FORE-SIGHT ELITE Absolute Tissue Oximetry

In today’s healthcare environment, products and technologies must provide evidence of clinical benefit and economic value for clinicians and hospitals. FORE-SIGHT® Absolute Tissue Oximetry provides both. FORE-SIGHT has been the pillar of multiple clinical studies showing the benefits of accurate cerebral oxygen saturation monitoring and the importance of early detection of cerebral desaturation events to prevent adverse outcomes and reduce hospital length of stay (LOS).

The Facts
Cardiovascular surgery complications or adverse postoperative outcomes can lead to longer LOS, translating to potential higher operating costs.

Clinical Value of FORE-SIGHT ELITE

Cerebral Oximetry has become the standard of care in many health care centers, allowing clinicians to treat cerebral desaturation events that are known to be associated with complications and additional use of hospital resources.  For use on Paediatrics, Neonates and Adults in ICU and Surgical settings.


Main Features:

  • Reduces patient variability using 5 wavelengths of near infrared light
  • Improves accuracy to unprecedented levels (3.05% Arms)
  • Eliminates pre-induction baseline reading requirement
  • Detects otherwise unnoticed cerebral desaturation events
  • CASMED Clinical reference list


When it comes to brain protection and patient safety, hindsight is never good enough.

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