Ten things you need to know about Deltex Medical’s new TrueVue™ system

Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring(ODM) has unparalleled clinical data behind it. The evidence tells us that monitoring blood flow in real time at the levels of accuracy delivered by the ODM+ system, delivers meaningful reduction in post-operative complications associated with fluid levels and perfusion of vital organs.

TrueVue™ is the new name for Deltex Medical’s CardioQ ODM+ system. In its quest to address all haemodynamic monitoring needs the company has been adding best-in-class technologies to its oesophageal Doppler platform.

It’s become a new product and a new product needs a new name… TrueVue.

So we thought it would be a good idea to tell you ten things that you really need to know about the Deltex Medical’s powerful new haemodynamic monitoring system.

  1. TrueVue has invasive, minimally invasive and non-invasive monitoring capability. As such it can be used in all hospital settings where haemodynamic monitoring is required.
  2. TrueVue is the only monitor to show the combined effect of flow and pressure, 180 times a second! This data provides accurate guidance for clinical interventions
  3. TrueVue can now be used in awake patients. Its range of applications thus extends from surgery and ICU to include recovery, obstetrics, emergency settings and even patients on the ward.
  4. TrueVue can be used from newborn to adult.
  5. Vasopressors can dramatically reduce flow – TrueVue let’s you see your way to safety.
  6. TrueVue shows you the effect of vasopressors in real time.
  7. TrueVue possesses three “best-in-class” technologies, so delivers the best haemodynamic solution in any setting, from one platform. Recent additions of Pulse Pressure Wave Analysis (PPWA) and High Definition Impedance Cardiography(HD-ICG) mean the company’s proven oesophageal Doppler monitoring capability now sits alongside other modalities. It is the only haemodynamic management tool you’ll ever need.
  8. TrueVue Velocity/Pressure Loops display allows the clinician to visually monitor flow and pressure throughout every single heartbeat.
  9. TrueVue Doppler monitoring is the only technology proven to effectively guide a 10% stroke volume optimization protocol.
  10. The evidence base underpinning Deltex Medical’s oesophageal Doppler translates into 125,000 patients living an average of 7 years longer. This equates to 875,000 man years potentially saved by the adoption of the best haemodynamic monitoring technology. It’s also a one billion pound saving at a period when the NHS has never been under more financial pressure. That’s every year!

At Deltex Medical, we’ve worked hard to deliver the technology demanded by anaesthetic care specialists. We’ve demonstrated how by careful monitoring and application of guided fluid therapy, we can help you to avoid complications. We’d be delighted to discuss how our technology can fit into your practice. To arrange a demonstration, click here.

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