ODM enables better control of the circulation during liver resection.

A recent case study into the use of ODM published online by Cure and Care Perioperative Medicine; “Use of an Enhanced Recovery Pathway and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Output Monitoring in Open Liver Resection Surgery to Optimise Outcome in a High-Risk Patient” involved a 72 year male who underwent open liver resection surgery for a colorectal secondary tumour.

The Oesophageal Doppler Monitor (ODM) was the chosen intraoperative monitor because it allowed the anaesthetist to confidently identify the cause of the hypotension, by quantifying the descending aortic outflow from the heart, and therefore to manage it appropriately. The ODM provides an additional safety element in guarding against the rare but dangerous complication of a very low CVP – namely cardiac arrest due to air embolism…The ability to measure descending aortic blood flow is the reason their preference to use the oesophageal Doppler to monitor haemodynamics during the intraoperative period.”

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