Non-invasive Doppler Monitoring Reality Sooner with Notification of New Grant Award

Promise of “Haemodynamic Workstation” platform for broader application, including awake patients

A successful UK Smart Award from Innovate UK* will speed Deltex’s development of an innovative, hand-held, non-invasive ultrasound device. As a result, improved haemodynamic management of a broader cohort of hospitalised patients could be a reality sooner. 

Information guides clinical decisions

It is well accepted that clinicians with the most complete picture of the patient’s haemodynamic status can deliver significantly better outcomes from surgery and critical care. Indeed haemodynamic management is now becoming widely accepted as a vital part of anaesthesia protocols. It is also used in ventilated intensive care patients, including in COVID-19 treatment.

Study after study point to the unique power of Deltex’s oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM+) technology. Well over 20 randomised controlled trials show outcome benefit. Consequently ODM+ is in daily use, helping clinicians around the world to avoid known complications such as Acute Kidney Injury and Surgical Site Infection. The accuracy and real-time monitoring capability of ODM+ make it the perfect solution for many clinical settings. 

Non-invasive monitoring means broader application means more patients benefit 

Deltex is working to deliver the monitoring power of ODM+, but from a simpler-to-use and completely non-invasive system. This, says the company, will result in significantly broader application. Moreover non-invasive monitoring taps into the increasing desire to start measuring haemodynamics on awake patients. This means applying it outside of the operating room or intensive care departments, such as on the ward or in A&E.

The new grant award will accelerate Deltex’s plans to develop the non-invasive Doppler device, which will run on the next generation TrueVue monitor. 

Building on overwhelming evidence

Deltex’s existing TrueVue system, featuring ODM+, is already in widespread use around the world. Importantly therefore the new non-invasive development draws upon the substantial body of published research relating to this well-established gold-standard technology.

Timetable to non-invasive monitoring

The first iteration of the non-invasive haemodynamic monitoring system will be available on Deltex’s new TrueVue monitor to be launched in the first half of 2022. Deltex will sell it into a broad range of hospital departments. These will include surgery, accident & emergency, pre-surgical assessment, obstetrics, cardiology and critical care. 

The total gross eligible project costs for the Smart Award are £494,000, of which 70% (£346,000) will be reimbursed to Deltex by Innovate UK. Deltex will fund the balance from the group’s own financial resources over the estimated eighteen-month project duration. 

Andy Mears, Deltex Medical’s CEO, comments

 “I am absolutely delighted we have been successful in winning this prestigious Innovate UK Smart Award.

“It brings forward the time when clinicians will be able to improve significantly haemodynamic treatment protocols for all patients.”

*Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation. Funded by the UK government Innovate UK works in partnership with universities, research organisations, businesses, charities and government to promote research and innovation.

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