New COVID-19 Guidance implies Haemodynamic Monitoring in Patients with Underlying Cardiac Conditions

COVID-19 presents a challenge of unprecedented proportion to the healthcare professions. Furthermore it’s a rapidly evolving picture, with daily updates detailing recent findings and new therapeutic approaches. 

One such has been published in the form of a clinical bulletin from the American College of Cardiology (ACC). It relates to COVID-19 in people with underlying cardiovascular disease, who it says are at “high risk of having complications and/or dying.” 

The bulletin talks about arrhythmia and acute cardiac injury and refers specifically to the avoidance of any higher cardiometabolic demands on patients. Cardiologists are told to prepare to offer aid in managing complications in patients with severe COVID-19. 

Specifically the guidance says; “For patients with heart failure or volume overload conditions, copious fluid administration for viral infection should be used cautiously and carefully monitored.”

The logical conclusion is that avoiding exacerbating cardiac complications is highly desirable. Maintenance of haemodynamic stability is therefore fundamental. The one system that delivers accurate, real-time cardiac output monitoring is TrueVue ODM+. Perhaps that’s unsurprising as ODM has its origins in treatment of patients undergoing critical care.

Find more on the importance of haemodynamic monitoring in COVID-19 patients here.

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