It’s all in the Evidence: FEDORA Study at EBPOM

Deltex has this week been attending EBPOM 2018, the annual forum at which clinicians get to hear about and discuss the very latest thinking in Evidence-Based PeriOperative Medicine. Find the agenda here.

As part of his Perioperative Haemodynamic Management lecture, Professor Monty Mythen returned to the evidence yielded by the recently published FEDORA study

Deltex Medical was very pleased to again be sponsoring this event which is seen as a highly progressive way of ensuring that clinical practice is influenced by evidence derived from credible, peer-reviewed, published sources. FEDORA is one such study, showing with statistical significance that outcomes from major surgery, even in low to moderate risk patients, are improved when a haemodynamic management protocol, monitored using oesophageal Doppler, is adopted. Deltex’s ODM+ with TrueVue software is the only technology that directly measures cardiac output and so displays accurate fluid status data in real time with every heartbeat.


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