Oesophageal Doppler ideal for ventilated patients

When it comes to optimising the treatment of ventilated COVID-19 patients in critical care, clinicians are looking under every rock to find the best therapeutic approach.

One key element is the use of monitoring to guide fluid management to deliver haemodynamic stability. This is an evidence-backed approach of ensuring the optimum delivery of oxygen to already-stressed vital organs.

Deltex Medical’s Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring (ODM) technology was originally designed for use on ventilated ICU patients and is uniquely supported by an unrivalled body of clinical evidence. In the United States the ODM+ is endorsed specifically for this application, having a physician reimbursement code for the ventilated ICU patient. 

There is also no additional infection risk to using ODM in ventilated Covid 19 patients and it is no greater than any of the other raft of medical technologies being applied to these patients. Protection afforded by the well-publicised PPE measures have been shown to be more than adequate for frontline medical professionals. Furthermore there are many disposables used on the patient, all of which will be disposed of through incineration. The ODM+ probe does not add to this risk.

Clinicians can be reassured that employing Deltex Medical’s sophisticated and uniquely evidence-backed ODM+ system represents the best chance of delivering all-important haemodynamic stability to these desperately ill patients.

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