French Launch of HD-ICG Broadens ODM+ Applications

Deltex Medical, the global leader in oesophageal Doppler monitoring (“ODM”) has announced the release and first sales of its new High Definition Impedance Cardiography (HD-ICG) modality in France.

The Company released the French language version of the HD-ICG module on its CardioQ-ODM+ haemodynamic monitoring platform earlier this month and supported clinical demonstrations to key opinion leaders in France. Following the success of these evaluations, the Company’s distributor in France has placed a small initial order, purchasing two HD-ICG consoles for demonstration purposes.

HD-ICG provides a continuous indirect, non-invasive measurement of central blood flow using disposable single patient sensor sets. The sensors are connected to the Deltex CardioQ-ODM+ platform via a small console which also provides power; values are displayed on specially designed screens on the Deltex monitor. It is ideally suited to awake patients in both critical care and surgery who do not tolerate ODM probes. As such it is intended to broaden the company’s appeal to address haemodynamic monitoring needs across the hospital, rather than the perioperative/critical care environment.

Speaking from the French Society of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine(SFAR) event in France, Managing Director, Andy Mears said “I am very pleased to be here with Gamida, our most successful partner. The early signs are that the addition of the HD-ICG mode to our ODM+ platform will be very welcome. By building best-in-class alternative monitoring modes onto our famous oesophageal Doppler platform, we’re strong contenders to be the supplier of choice across entire hospitals.”

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