EBPOM Boost for Deltex VP Loops Study Plans

Last week’s EBPOM in London proved a great success for Deltex Medical as it once again highlighted the company’s uniquely evidence-based solutions. Diamond event sponsor, Deltex is recognised as a global technology leader in haemodynamic monitoring, a position enhanced by new work on so-called Velocity/Pressure (VP) Loops. The ODM+ system can now be used to collect real-time data on cardiac output performance in the form of a VP Loop chart of each heartbeat. This provides the clinician with the ability to analyse the impact of each intervention, thereby delivering the most accurate, instant control over key parameters.

Deltex used a dedicated break-out meeting at the EBPOM event to recruit collaborators in a short term VP loops trial, that will precede a much larger study.

Chief Executive Ewan Phillips commented; “With several major global centres of excellence already on board with the pilot study we are convinced of the validity of this work. Delivering greater analytical capability down to the level of each heart beat we believe we can further our mission to help clinicians deliver the very best outcomes.”

If you’re interested in participating in the initial study, contact Deltex directly here.

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