“Deltex can become sole supplier of haemodynamic monitoring equipment across whole hospital”

Deltex’s intentions are pretty clear. By adding all the “best-in-class” technologies onto the company’s ODM+ platform, he sees the company becoming the supplier of choice for all haemodynamic monitoring solutions.

Here we share some illuminating commentary, extracted from an interview with CEO Ewan Phillips, held on September 12th with Directors Talk.

All cardiac output monitoring technologies on single platform

“In May we released in the UK another cardiac output monitoring technology, High Definition Impedance Cardiography, which is entirely non-invasive. It’s perfect for the awake patient and very good in intensive care. That’s really important, strategically, because it means that we now have three technologies on the one platform: we’ve got the oesophageal Doppler, which is our propietary technology. Then we’ve got the pulse pressure waveform analysis(PPWA) which is quite a good entry level technology – that’s the one that’s probably most common in the market because it’s probably the easiest to do – and then we’ve got Impedance Cardiography, which is half way in between the two.

Haemodynamic monitoring across the entire hospital

“It means we can now provide a hospital a one platform solution that works from newborns through to the very old, that works in the clinics and on awake patients all the way through to very sick people in intensive care. It can be used pretty easily, from fairy early stage trainee nurses through to world-leading experts. It’s a really big step forward for us.

“We’ve still got a few bits and pieces to add on to it which will give far more non invasive options with more things that combine everything. But the core is there. We’re moving from selling one technology to selling multiple technologies and all round hospital solutions. That’s the big step. I’m very excited about that and everyone who works for the company is very excited about that.

New platform built on existing technology leadership position

“The technology we’ve had and built the company on, oesophageal Doppler is very sophisticated, with lots and lots of patients who should have it used on them. But it does take skilled operators to do that and it’s not very good to use on awake patients, so we can’t really say that we should be the sole supplier (with it), as indeed nor can our competitors. Now with this new product offering we can move towards that. This gives us a lot more flexibility as to how we can work with our customers, particularly these days when most hospital systems are cash strapped, so they’re looking for deals that work for both parties. At the same time it means that we can really take modern standards of care and move them forward to benefit thousands of patients in every hospital rather than tens and hundreds.”

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