AKI Avoidance in COVID Patients: Another ODM+ Endorsement

Fluid management in critical care Covid patients for AKI avoidance

Deltex Medical’s oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM+) technology has once again been recognised for its role in critical care, specifically in AKI avoidance. This time Ireland’s National Health Library and Knowledge Service (NHL&KS) points to the importance of fluid management in the setting of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and COVID-19. The guidance specifically identifies oesophageal Doppler. 

The NHL&KS says it works to support “best possible health and care” in Ireland through provision of “research and evidence that underpins decision making and advances patient care in the health service.”  

Fluid Management part of tailored approach to AKI avoidance in COVID-19 Patients

Recently-updated, the NHL&KS clinical guidance talks of the known increased risk of AKI in COVID-19 patients. The document details the need for continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) during intensive care management of COVID-19 patients. It goes on to warn of the pressures on provision of this therapy. Indeed it anticipates a shortage of CRRT consumables for the foreseeable future. With this in mind it turns to how clinicians can avoid AKI. The section is headed “Tailored Management of AKI in COVID to reduce risk (of AKI).”

Better fluid Management, Less AKI, reduced need for renal replacement therapy

The document specifically references oesophageal Doppler and the part it plays in fluid volume monitoring in mechanically ventilated patients. Pointedly it goes on to state that; “Central venous pressure (CVP) measurements are not considered a reliable indicator of intravascular fluid status or fluid responsiveness in the setting of high levels of PEEP and ARDS.”

Helping clinicians to “avoid the avoidable”

Deltex Medical CEO Andy Mears supports the recommendation. He says; “it’s pleasing to see further support for Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring, as uniquely featured on our TrueVue system. Once again we at Deltex are delighted to be playing our part in helping clinicians to avoid the avoidable complication that is AKI. It’s notable, but unsurprising that the system is recommended over other approaches to fluid management in these challenging settings. Only ODM+ provides an accurate and real-time picture of cardiac output that is unaffected by other factors at play in these patients. ODM+ is uniquely supported by over twenty RCTs, unlike all other systems.”

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