Deltex Launches Veterinary Website

As it is in humans, Hemodynamic Management is an important diagnostic discipline in the surgical treatment of animals. Deltex Medical has worked with leading veterinarians to establish a useful experience base on which to build a surgical treatment protocol for small animals.  

The company has a dedicated veterinary offering which it is now publicising through the newly launched website, and on our social media channels. The company believes it could tap into underserved market demand for a clinically accurate diagnostic device to ensure surgical treatment of pets results in optimal outcomes. 

For Deltex, CEO Andy Mears tells us; “Our work completed to date shows that veterinary anaesthetists are every bit as interested in accurate hemodynamic management for their patients as their ‘human’ counterparts. We’ve already enjoyed valuable input from some of the leading veterinary universities in the world, including the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, who have contributed one of our case studies on the new website. After all, until oesophageal Doppler monitoring presented itself, veterinarians’ insight into their patients haemodynamics were very limited. We’re greatly looking forward to exploring the potential for understanding how flow and pressure combine in animals and uncovering what we believe may be significant business opportunity, especially in the United States.”

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