10% Stroke Volume Optimisation

Fluid management in Surgery

Stroke volume optimisation (SVO) using the oesophageal Doppler monitoring ODM+ system is an important fluid management practice. In essence the system helps clinicians to make informed fluid and drug administration decisions. ODM+ monitoring is clinically proven to reduce postoperative complications.from major surgery even in low or moderate risk patients.

By using ODM+ to guide haemodynamic interventions clinicians can minimise critical care admissions, critical care stay, length of hospital stay, healthcare costs and patient outcomes. Deltex Medical’s ODM+ is the only haemodynamic management technology to be awarded UK NICE recommendation (MTG3).

10% Stroke Volume Optimisation

In essence SVO describes how the clinician administers fluid to normalise the volume of blood expelled by each heartbeat. The ODM+ system guides the operator to give fluid (eg colloid) where appropriate. Above all it does so with real-time control and as such minimises risk of fluid overload.

The 10% SV change algorithm for SVO utilises the Frank-Starling law. This law is based on the relationship between left ventricular stroke volume and left ventricular end diastolic volume.

Stroke _Volume_ Surgical_Algorithm

Above: Treatment algorithm suggested by Professor Mervyn Singer, University Hospital, London.

ODM+ Guides SVO

Oesophageal Doppler monitoring helps the clinician to manage a patient’s perioperative haemodynamic status. This is because it delivers accurate flow data to help the operator to understand circulating blood volume. In practice this leads to faster and fuller recovery, even in patients considered to be at low to moderate risk.

Above all, using ODM+ and its unique SVO algorithm means that fewer patients need to go to intensive care. Those that do tend to stay there for shorter periods. The result is more predictable patient journeys. In conclusion, fewer patients unexpectedly need intensive care support. Importantly, haemodynamic monitoring plays a valuable part in improving the efficiency and productivity of any healthcare system.

Only ODM+ has the precision required to guide a 10% Stroke Volume Optimisation (SVO) protocol. Moreover this is proven by a unique base of over twenty years of supportive evidence. Furthermore it is testimony to the unique capability of ODM+. This means that only ODM+ gives clinicians the information they need to confidently recognise cardiac output changes accurately and in real time.

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