PressureWave Calibration

Only oesophageal Doppler has been clinically proven to have the precision to drive the 10% Stroke Volume Optimisation algorithm, seen as the ‘gold standard’ for fluid management.

The TrueVue software platform has a Pulse Pressure Waveform (PPWA) mode, which is quickly and easily calibrated and re-calibrated from the Doppler signal to providing continuous monitoring for postoperative and medical patients in Critical Care.

Utilising the known good Doppler waveform to calibrate the PPWA ensures that the initial pressure derived calculation of Stroke Volume made by PPWA is as accurate as possible. It is then very easy to switch between flow mode and pressure mode to provide continuous monitoring across the patient pathway. Using Doppler calibrated PPWA is especially useful during surgery during prolonged use of diathermy.

The combination of measuring both flow and pressure simultaneously enables real-time assessment of the patients haemodynamics and provides guidance on the best treatment protocol.

Treatment algorithm suggested by Professor Mervyn Singer, University Hospital, London.

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