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Case Histories

A selection of insightful cases that demonstrate important facets of oesophageal doppler monitoring. Case studies have been carefully selected to provide the reader with worked examples of how ODM’s haemodynamic monitoring power has been used to positively influence patient outcomes.

CRS and HIPEC: Maintaining normovolaemia in a complex case(PDF)

Postoperative hypovolaemia responding to fluid management(PDF)

Effects of vasodilation and diagnostic value of ectopic hearteats(PDF)



FTC – Flow Time corrected ECG – Electrocardiograph
CO – Cardiac Output/CI – Cardiac Index Wt – Weight
SV – Stroke Volume/SVI – Stroke Volume Index Ht – Height
PV – Peak Velocity BSA – Body Surface Area


BP – Blood Pressure CVP – Central Venous Pressure
CO – Cardiac Output HR – Heart Rate
SV – Stroke Volume Wt – Weight
FTc – Flow Time corrected Ht – Height
PV – Peak Velocity BSA – Body Surface Area